The design shows elegant and modern lines. In combination with the best materials, lightweight construction and Z- or Jetdrives makes the boat the ideal tender for esthetes and people in search of new impulses.

Naturally the boat provides performance and pleasure by driving also under rough conditions. Especially the low draft and hull design is qualified for sailing in shallow waters and for landing at the beach

The layout is matched to special requirements – give guests a comfortable feeling and carry large arrangements of cargo.

Several key features make the x-Tender the most alterable tender on the market: 
  • one hydraulic unit
  • hydraulic bow door
  • bow ladder and gangway
  • easy and safe boarding
  • fender profile around hull
  • cargo area
  • cargo ramps
  • foldable hydraulic mast
  • suitable for Jets and Z-drives
Shipyard: Polar Shipyard
iYacht: Design & Engineering
Material: GFK
Engine: 2 x 223 kW
Length: 9.15 m
Width: 3.20 m
Draft: 0.50 m

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